Vit Blå Röd
Grön Gul Svart

MouseOver Paint is very simple - just choose a color from the palette and start painting. You can change color at any time and paint with one color over another. If you want to erase your painting, just click somewhere in the painting area.

Sometimes you may want to move the cursor over the painting area without leaving a trace of paint. If you're using a Mac you hold the SHIFT key down while you move the cursor. If you're using a PC (Windows) you press the ALT key once, move the cursor, and the press the ALT key again to start painting again. (Note that this does not work on all browsers.)

If you had the cursor in the painting area when the page loaded, you might experience a problem when you try to paint some of the pixels (the paint won't stick) . To eliminate this problem, press "Reload" or erase the paint area by clicking on it.