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Week 1

Homework Tips (Week 1)
Read Study Skills Tips
Read Learning Styles & Math Anxiety Bill of Rights

Week 2

Homework Tips (Week 2)

Week 3

  Homework Tips (Week 3) 

For more help with solving equations go to
student tutorials. They are quite good!

For more help with word problems and equations go to the student tutorials

Week 4


Homework Tips (Week 4)

Homework Tips for Graphing

Watch these four videos on graphing staight lines !!

Week 5

 Homework Tips For Solving Systems of Equations


Week 6



Week 7

Homework Tips


Week 8

Homework Tips - Factoring Difference of 2 Squares & Trinomials

Homework Tips - Factoring Trinomials 

Week 9

Homework Tips (Week 8) - Simplifying Algebraic Fractions & Multiplication & Division of Algebraic Fractions

Week 10

Homework Tips (Week 10)

Week 11

Homework Tips (Week 11)


Week 12


Week 13


Week 14

Study for Final Exam reviewing the 3 Comprehensive Reviews in the Little Workbook and doing multiple choice questions from various units.
For practice, you can also do multiple choice ungraded quizzes on There is a link on the home page or go directly to Multiple Choice Quizzes

Week 15


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